Friday, August 13, 2010

Welcome one and all!

First off, my name is Stupor and I like making music as a hobby. There, we can't possibly be strangers now, can we?

Recently, I've been taking a bit of an interest in writing chiptunes, otherwise known as 8-bit music or the little jingle that plays every time you sit down and turn on Super Mario Bros or the like. Rather than boom and wash around with brilliantly complex instruments and dozens upon dozens of layered strings and synths and textures that fill out the entire sound spectrum, chiptunes are designed to be played on tiny little oldschool computers. That means the most sound it can produce is a meager collection of simple bleeps and buzzes and some white noise that can be manipulated into sounding a bit like a drum.

While the nature of chiptunes is limiting, it actually allows for a much more involved writing style. Without a large choice of instruments to choose from, composing stops being about hunting around for what sounds good and becomes an exercise in pure melody and harmony. This is why a lot of extremely talented musicians try to create an 8-bit song and are completely baffled - it takes a different mindset altogether to create with so little what one can already create with so much.

Anyway, I hope the above text does a good enough job of explaining why I like chiptunes. I originally wanted to just write "I <3 8BIT" a bunch of times, but this way I look smrater.